Mobile/Web App Developments

Over 30 years in development. Reusable Object Oriented well tested Objects. let us review what you want to achieve, what is the best way short and long terms. what you realy know and where are the risks. You alreay know exacly ? fantastic, lets make it done!

My Projects

Powered AngularJS

AngularJS is a toolset for building the framework most suited to your application development. It is fully extensible and works well with other libraries.
Every feature can be modified or replaced to suit your unique development workflow and feature needs


Professional Smart MVC Server Side

Powered Codeigniter Smart MVC for small to huge developments. Powering : Sprint Center, at&t Center, World Gold Council, Motortopia, Club 3D, Cyber Ears, great flexibility, code reusability, light infrastructure, code clarity, highest performance, minimal footprint.

My Chosen MVC

CSS3 powered Bootstrap & Add Ons

Ultimately, Bootstrap gives you CSS and JavaScript to control the presentation of content in HTML. Bootstrap provides the default settings for typography, tables, forms, and buttons. Bootstrap also provides components (navigation bars, pagers, and progress bars) as well as scriptable widgets (tooltips, tabs, and picture carousels), to name just a few things. Since Bootstrap is all CSS and JavaScript you can use Bootstrap with any server technology or development environment. The idea behind Bootstrap is to get a site up and running quickly with a good looking and visually consistent interface.

My Best Web Client Platform

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Over 30 great years with advanced challanging OOP programing. Specialized in PHP, Codeigniter MVC, Client Side: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap Client Side Platform. Over 10 years experience product marketing/management including 1st tier vendors. USPTO patent registrations. ITU-T active participant about 4 years. wrote various technical and marketing articles. Here's my main development technologies:

AngularJS * Advanced PHP * Codeignitor MVC * Zend MVC * Bootstrap * jQuery * JS * HTML5/CSS3

Web Design

Design the UX tree flow, what user can see when, what they can do. Define the diffrent level of users and permisions - ACL (Access Control Logic). Audit users activities.
Two words : Call Me!

Server Side Development

Make it vendor lock free! Make it the most flexible, easy to develop and maintain. Flexible to expand, low cost in OPEX. High performance.
One word : Codeigniter!

Client Side - Custom Themes

Make it with the latest Client side technologies most compliant ones with the lagest echo system. Use best standard compliant, largest modular thems environment.
One word : Bootstrap!

ניתוח מוצר ומגמות

Want to make competitive analysis with similar products ? Sharpen your uniqueness and value proposition ?
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